The Artist Behind The Meta Stars NFTs

A look at the man behind the creation of the stunning NFT Metastars three-dimensional graphics.

Who are the Metastars and where did they come from? While the Metaverse and the NFT space are relatively new and contain a myriad of different topics, one thing common to all NFTs is their emphasis on ART. Art itself is usually inspired and comes from a person’s imagination, brought into the world through their talent. In this project, through graphic art and 3 D design, art is getting ready to travel beyond this world and into the Metaverse. Here’s a look at the ultra-talented 3D graphic artist behind the Metastars NFT project.

The Artist

In the NFT space, it’s always good to know the team behind a project. Most of the Metastars team can be found on the website, but this is an in-depth look at the artist Alex Rybin: the mind behind the art. You can find examples of his other works on his Instagram here.

Many NFT’s don’t spend enough time developing quality art for their projects. Alex’s work has a polished, professional feel that comes from seven years of honing his craft. The art itself is themed around space and is quite literally “out of this world”, detailing characters wearing spacesuits and in different inter-planetary environments. The graphics are clean, professional, and inspiring. A majority of the characters are suited up with space helmets and are ready to party their way into the Metaverse.

The Inspiration Behind the Art

Alex loves art in all forms, including both visual and audio. Music plays a big role in his inspiration and he’s worked with artists, musicians, music labels, and big international advertising agencies from all over the world. Events featuring DJs and parties are a big piece of Metastar’s roadmap, so Alex immediately meshed with the project’s vision.

His passion shows through in his work and, in an interview, he said that his mission “is to bring a cutting-edge quality of work [into] the NFT world, that will make people proud to be part of it.”

Other influences and inspirations for his art include Marvel and DC comics, space movies, and even classic Gothic paintings. He’s so passionate about creating that inspiration sometimes strikes while he sleeps, forcing him to get up out of bed and create! His designs often are echoes of the wild happenings in his mind. It’s tough to find an artist more aligned with Metastars’ mission. Alex is a perfect fit.

Project Details

The Metastars have an ambitious roadmap that includes 8888 unique generated three-dimensional NFTs with over 150 different traits. You can find the whole map here.

The project plans to create a “Meta Arena”, which will be the Metaverse’s first entertainment complex. Holders of a Metastars NFT can expect to be rewarded with access to virtual concerts and festivals, in addition to a host of other benefits.

There are plans for a native token (MWT) that can be generated by holding a Metastars NFT, as well as 20 ultra-rare tokens that will generate USD as a monthly reward!


From the inspired mind of Alex Rybin comes the incarnation of the Metastars. Having an artist that can visually represent an NFT project’s mission and values is a rare commodity. The Metastars are an excellent example of a promising upcoming project and we can’t wait to see all of Alex’s images come to life in 3D on the blockchain!